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To support the series of children’s picture books that I have written and am now having illustrated, I created a new website. It is the title of the first in the series of books, Writing is a Process. Go to to see what it’s all about. Also, if you could go to my Facebook page with the same title and “Like” it, that would be great! And, if it’s not asking too much, could you also go to my “Gingerly” Facebook page and “Like” it as well? In the world today, it’s all about the “Likes”…

Now that the commercial is over, I can move on to the post for today.

Lately, I have been thinking about the way our community has gone from a group of people who take pride in working hard for everything they have to one that has a growing number of people who believe that they are entitled to a good life without a commensurate amount of effort. (Wow, speaking of effort, that was one long sentence!) This attitude is nothing new but what is new is the number of people who truly believe in it. It started me wondering: who is responsible for so many people having this belief? Is it their parents? Their teachers? Their government? I’m not sure, but I have a feeling that it has quite a bit to do with how they were raised. The number of young people who were raised in an environment of non-competitiveness has a direct relationship to the number of people who now have this attitude, I believe.

As a young parent many, many years ago, my oldest daughter, Melynda was constantly involved in playing sports. Her favorite activities were soccer and softball. One of the things I insisted on was that she play in leagues that actually kept score and that did not award trophies to everyone. I believed then, as I do now, that you should only get an award if you win. At that time, the idea of not keeping score and giving a trophy to every child who participated was just being introduced. I felt that there was something very wrong with that ideology. Maybe I was more right than I thought at the time. Perhaps the sense of entitlement that we have today was born back on the playing fields then.

I guess my message for today is, competition is healthy and is a necessary aspect of growing up. If we don’t learn how to compete and that there is a reward for working harder than the next guy when we are young, there is a good probability that we will grow up to believe that we are entitled to stuff. We will think that the government should take care of us and that anyone who has more stuff than us must give some of theirs to us. And what follows is a faltering government, a failing society, and a loss of the sense of community and identity very similar to what we are suffering from today.



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