Creativity is like a drug!

I am addicted.  I never would have thought it possible, but I am.  Ever since I created my first website, a month or so ago, my need and desire to create has escalated.  I now have three more websites,,, and, the latest one,  I have completed writing two children’s chapter books and am in the middle of the third.  These are the Gingerly books.  I have written all eight books in the Writing is a Process series of children’s rhyming picture books.  I have also written five other children’s picture books.  Oh, and I have written 51 poems to help adults during difficult or traumatic times.  As I sit here re-reading what I just wrote, I wonder…Is there a writer’s anonymous or some organization like that?  Does such a place exist?  Because I think I may need to attend a meeting or ten.  The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is write.  And, it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed at night.  I dream about writing when I am sleeping.  Yes, I’ve got it bad.  Gotta go now…I feel another writing session coming on.  Have a great night, ya’ll!


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