The Day After

So, here it is, the day after the day of “Thanks”.  I am no longer full and have been nibbling on things I could find around the house.  What, no leftovers you say?  No, no leftovers.  The problem is that this year we were invited to the home of some very good friends for dinner.  And, because we love these friends and because they have never disappointed when it comes to the food and fun, accepted their invitation.  It was absolutely perfect!  Great food, even better company, and a nice, relaxing time…for us.  I felt guilty as I watched the final preparations on what probably took days to prepare.  But, these feelings melted away as I filled my body full of the delicious homemade foods and deserts.  And, yes, I topped everything off with some very tasty wine.

But, alas, as with all things, there is a balance in this too.  For all of the ease and enjoyment we had in being at someone else’s house, we had to sacrifice having the wonderful leftovers to eat today.  Add to this the fact that we did not plan well for the “day after” and so, we have very little in the cupboard.  The fridge is pretty empty too.  And both of us are too lazy and cold to leave the house to go shopping.  Plus, all of the Black Friday nuts are out there, so we will just stay home today.  And eat 2-year-old Ramen.

Feeling sorry for me yet?


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